Keeping You Free From Asthma

Asthma is a type of disease which shows cardinal related symptoms like shortness of breath, wheeze and cough etc. it needs proper conditions to get developed in any person. The limit of these conditions might be different for different person. Some of the recent researches have shown that all these symptoms of Asthma are more closely related to the same conditions. However some researches do also shows that all of these symptoms of Asthma are a result of a separate lung condition.

Today not any of the single cause has been allotted to the Asthma and this is why today no single medication can be developed to cure it. This is why the doctors mostly identifies the changes occurred in Asthma, how it is making you feel and how it is behaving over the time in order to start the medication of it. This is this knowledge that enables the doctors to give advice related to the curing activity of it.

It is a very common type of diseases and the patients are not needed to get afraid of it at all. This is because it is not at all a serious disease and it can be treated and here is the other fact that there is no patient who dies from Asthma. You can also catch this disease easily from someone who is already facing it. Exercise is prohibited to the patients of Asthma.

What are the different types of asthma?

The cardinal disease named Asthma is basically of two types. The one is allergic and the other is non-allergic form of Asthma. The allergic Asthma is also known as the extrinsic Asthma whereas the non-allergic Asthma is also named as intrinsic Asthma. In order to understand better about the differences of both of them a deeper study on the nature of Asthma can help you a lot. The other specialty of this disease is that in almost 75 % cases the problem of Asthma appears again to the patients.

Among all the cases only 10 % patients are supposed to suffer from the intrinsic Asthma whereas as much as 90 % of the people suffering from Asthma suffer from other types of Asthma called the extrinsic Asthma. The intrinsic type of Asthma is usually developed among the person of age group around 30. This type of Asthma is not usually associated to any form of allergy. Women are most likely to be affected with this type of Asthma. In the patients the intrinsic type of Asthma is more difficult to treat than the extrinsic Asthma.