Preparing Your Body For Conception

The decision to start a family and have your own baby can both be very exciting and daunting. You and your partner would want to try everything to make it all fall into place perfectly. Because of this, you start attending pre-natal classes, make lifestyle changes, eat more nutritious foods, and exercise regularly. All these things can potentially affect you and how you conceive positively.

Preparing your mind for pregnancy

The first thing you want to do is to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Trying to conceive entails the right mindset. Of course, it is understandable that you will want to do everything to ensure a successful conception, so it is important that you keep your mind on your goal at all times.  If ever you feel yourself detached from the lifestyle and other changes you will be undergoing, it helps to go back to your goal to be able to keep you back in track.

Stress reduction to boost fertility

One of the most common and well-known impediments to fertility is stress. Stress, along with anxiety and worry can cause imbalances in your hormones and directly affect their functioning.

When this imbalance happens, the ovaries become compromised in functioning and the likelihood of producing healthy eggs decrease. Stress also tires down the whole body. Sometimes, it initiates the flight or fight response in your system. When this happens, blood flow is concentrated on the most critical organs – the brain and the heart. All other body functions are compromised with this response – including the reproductive organs.

Fortunately, stress reduction techniques are available. It can be as simple as reading a book, or taking a nap. Or it can be as fun as taking a stroll in the park, or practicing yoga.

Dietary modifications for conception

We get our daily dose of nutrients from food. How your body acts and performs its tasks depend on the quality and type of food you eat. The body relies on the nutrients you give it, so it is important to start eating right.

Although there is no magic food to specifically increasing fertility, the best you can do is to meet your average daily requirements for each essential nutrients. Introducing more alkaline-forming foods over acid-forming foods can not only promote reproductive health, but benefit the whole body as well. Remember that your goal is to provide the best possible environment for the baby to live in – so choose fresh, organic produce if possible.

Stock up on lean meat for protein, dairy products for calcium, green leafy vegetables for minerals, and fruits for vitamins. Stay away form acid-forming foods such as alcohol, coffee, or tea.

The Healing Power of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, has long been used for many centuries. However, it is only until recently that the West has also embraced the methods involved in this practice.

Although these methods are helpful, they should only be practiced with caution. They are not meant to cure a specific ailment in an instant, but they help coax the body to function more effectively.

One popular TCM method is herbal therapy. Different herbs can be taken alone, or together to make a decoction. These herbs can have varying effects – from stimulating blood flow to the organs, to correcting hormonal imbalances. Some of the more popular herbs used to improve fertility are ginseng, chaste berry, red clover, vitex, dong quai root, and many more.

Another TCM method is acupuncture. It involves sticking long, thin needles into different pressure points, which are thought to have a direct impact on specific organs in the body. Acupuncture can relieve obstructed energy and blood flow, thereby increasing energy and circulation to the target organs. With this, circulation to the endometrium can then facilitate a thick, rich lining which is important for pregnancy.

In aromatherapy, certain oils with healing and soothing properties produce mild effects on the body. It can help reduce stress, relax the body, and even assist in cases of dysmenorrhea and hormonal imbalances.

After the mental, emotional, and physical preparations you have set for your body, you are now ready to try conceiving. What is important is that you take proper care of your body first, and no doubt, everything else will follow accordingly.